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to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us -- now, that's progressive! call or click today. no mas pantalones! hi, everybody. topping our agenda, a monster nor'easter storming into the northeast, the possibly historic storm promising significant flooding and howling wind gusts
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that will top hurricane force. taking no chances, in a post superstorm in the northeast, gas stations are packed, some people waiting up to an hour and filling up gas cans. a connecticut gas station said they ran out of gas yesterday afternoon. many are getting the basic necessities, egg, milk, and guilty pleasures, too. >> we're getting enough supplies so we can make a hot pot of chicken soup for the weekend. >> we're going to stay under the covers on the couch with hot chocolate. >> let's bring you up to speed. we have a team of meteorologists across the northeast. al roker is in boston, rehema ellis is at laguardia airport. we want to start with bill karins. where is the worst of it now? >> the time is up for people in rhode island and connecticut.
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the snow is moving in. they are saying noon but it looks earlier than that. again, the snow is starting to blossom as the storm moves up the virginia coastline and it's heading northwards. we have six inches in maine and that's not even from the blizzard. they are going to get buried up there, especially coastal maine to rhode island. the green is the rain. new york city, a mixture of snow and rain. long island, now over to mostly rain. coastal areas of southern new england, it's going to be a battle. that's why your snow totals will be a lot less. the full-blown snowstorm begins from boston to the hartford area and definitely around prove d providence. that's when the storm will be the strongest. that's when we'll have the blizzard conditions, high tide cycle. very dangerous at 10:00 a.m. near boston. that's when the highest winds will be felt. storm surge of two to four feet. if we're going to see houses
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damaged and falling into the water, we go early throughout tomorrow morning. again, the snowfall totals, they look pretty certain. one to two feet, a wide section of maine, southern new hampshire, massachusetts, connecticut, rhode island with a possibility of a bulls eye of 24 to possibly 30 inches of snow. that's where it's historic. still, widespread all the way from buffalo down to philadelphia and new york city by the time we're all done. as far as the boston area goes, that's where we expect the worst to develop during the day and tonight. al roker brings us up to date. al? >> reporter: bill, thank you so much. everybody's now comparing this to the blizzard of 1978 and if you look back at some of the archival data, there is a resemblance to that storm. and so they are not taking any chances. the governor of massachusetts ordering people -- asking people not to get on the roads, especially the state highways and throughways after 12:00 noon. airport opened but all flights are canceled.
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amtrack canceling trains between here and new york city. after the last train leaves at 1:00, that's it. they've stopped all bus traffic. in fact, the subways are shutting down. the "t" as they call it here. they want people off the streets. the message is, it's a friday. make it a three-day weekend. nonessential state workers have been ordered to stay home. don't come in. so people want folks off the streets. boston schools are closed. new york city schools are opened, however, there are no after-school programs going on. 650 pieces of equipment will be on the streets in boston. in new york city, they have 6,300 miles of street to cover. that would be the trip to new york and l.a. and back again. so they are going to be working overtime as well. this system is going to affect
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55 million people before it's all over and it's just getting started. now let's check out what is going on in hartford, connecticut. for that, we turn to ron allen. ron? >> reporter: thanks, al. here in hartford, the temperatures are around 30 degrees so we're getting snow, not rain. it's been picking up in the last hour or so. we're at the state capitol. as you can see, it's pretty empty right now because the governor has asked only essential employees to come in today. people are heeding that warning out there. you can see a snow plow. the town is a ghost town. schools are closed here, the airport is going to close at about 1:30 this afternoon. all flights in the afternoon have been canceled. gas stations are busy. a bad sign if you wait until the last minute. i drove up here from the new york, new jersey area, about 200 miles or so.
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the interstates are passable but conditions are dedear rating. in some places there is only one lane opened. a tractor-trailer jackknifed and spun out. there will be probably more of that as the day goes on. a lot of sand trucks on the road and utility trucks on the road, which is a good sign. now let's turn it over to rehema ellis. >> reporter: ron, here at laguardia airport today, there's not a lot going on. one of the reasons why, you can look at the board and it sell tells a story. yellow is the color of the day. arrivals, it's lots of cancellations and the same is true for departures according to there's been more than 3700 cancellations nationwide and here in the new york area, three area airports, more than 1700 flights have been canceled. so it's not a lot of traffic here. it was pretty busy here this morning as people got here early hoping that they could change
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some flights. the good news out of all of that is that the airlines have waived the cancellations fees so that people can change their flights and they will not be penalized by it. airport likely to shut down this afternoon and hopefully they can get it going again late saturday or sunday. thomas, back to you. >> all right. thanks to rehema ellis reporting there at laguardia and bill and al. we're going to keep our eye on this storm. we'll update you throughout the hour. thanks, gang. >> we want to turn to the war on drones. considering a bill that would set up a special court system to regulate drone strikes. after nbc news revealed a secret memo justifying the killing of americans abroad, if they are high level terrorist targets, lawmakers interrogated john brennan for over three hours yesterday over the drone issue and other war tactics. it was explosive at times with
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brenn brennan defending the action. >> with the exception of mr. panetta, i feel like i've been jerked around by every cia director. >> 11 united states senators asked to see any and all legal opinions but when i went to read the opinions this morning, it is not clear that that is what was provided. >> we only take such actions as a last resort to save lives, when there's no other alternative to taking an action that's going to mitigate that threat. >> they won't even tell congress what countries we are killing children in. >> please -- >> senator feinstein zsh if you could please expedite the removal. we have michael isakoff, and the correspondent who obtained the white page memo, jim warren, chicago editor of the daily beast and newsweek and karen
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finney and john braybender. michael, i want to start with you because it was your reporting that started all of this for the american people to get to learn more about how the administration feels it is legal in the choices made for drone strikes. one thing politico is reporting in the article that they have on this and, of course, the two hearings we were watching yesterday, one being leon panetta on benghazi and the other one with john brennan in the afternoon, it says, senators were looking for a pinata, for hours, brennan was battered by senators even though many of the complaints had little or nothing to do with him. what did we learn? what did we walk away with? >> actually, very little. although i think there was a lot of expectations that we were going to get more transparency, particularly because president obama had just the night before
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said senators could -- senators from the intelligence committees could read the classified office memo, it did not lead to any greater sunlight about the program itself. first of all, that memo remains classified. the senators were allowed to go in, not their staffs, and by virtue of the fact that it remains classified, they couldn't even ask brennan any questions about what it is they read. and brennan himself was actually, in many respects, less forthcoming about the drone and targeted killing program than he has been in the past. he didn't even use the word drone, something that he had in a speech last year. so while he defended the program in general terms, said it was a last resort, said that we are actually trying to prevent, save lives, not punish people for past actions, revealed very
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little about the process by which people are selected for targeted killings, what the review process is, what the checks are, and those are are the questions at the core of this controversy. >> checks and balances still remains a big issue with this. michael isakoff, thanks so much. we talk more now, karen, about senator wyden, who received a call on wednesday evening from president obama saying that he would have access to these memos and the president saying that other senators who wanted to review it would have access to them as well. here are are the senators this morning talking about the hearing from yesterday. their reactions. take a listen. >> this is an incredible responsibility of us to really pay close attention to what they are doing because otherwise the executive is, as i mentioned yesterday, prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner all rolled
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into one. and in our system of government, that's not the way it's supposed to be. >> there is no question that we can protect our country in a dangerous time like this and at the same time ensure more transparency and more accountability. >> all right. so more transparency, more accountability. >> right. >> karen, do you think that the questions have gone away with this? the administration has provided its stance or it is legal reasoning for why they feel this is okay. they are getting a lot of blowback for this. >> no. i don't think it's gone away at all. to some degree we have to look at this and take it out of, is this about -- this isn't about the obama administration. we have to remember that this is a function of our government, this is a function of the three branches of government to make sure that there are these checks and balances. i mean, you know, some people were talking about this earlier this week. it's, this is a memo for president obama or is this a memo for dick cheney? that's not the way we should be thinking about this. we need to be thinking about
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this in terms of our constitution and what we need to do to ensure that there are checks and balances, that there is a process in place and that's what senator wyden has been talking about and pressing for. so i think the administration should be prepared for many more questions on this until there is some degree of satisfaction. we may not in the public get full satisfaction but certainly in a confidential classified manner, those senators who have oversight responsibility have to feel more comfortable with the information that they are getting. >> let's talk about satisfaction. it seems that senators or republicans alike that have had an opportunity to get in front of some of president obama's key people, whether they are outgoing cabinet members or incoming cabinet members have been taking i guess a lot of pleasure in making sure that they get to ask tough questions. maybe not ones that these panelists have answered but in a way that could embarrass the president. we've got hillary clinton, chuck hagel, leon panetta and now john brennan. are they getting what they want
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out of this, which is basically to try to put some mud on the president's record? >> absolutely. i think that's been the clear goal. >> i think actually not. if you look particularly at the hearings of chuck hagel and hillary clinton, you see a lot of basically republican free lansing going on. i was surprised at how the lack of collective, thoughtful questioning -- you would have thought that they would have gotten in behind closed doors beforehand and said, what's our line of questioning going to be, what is second kwengs and thoughtful? in fact, that wasn't the case which is why hillary clinton most vividly gave as good as she got and came out on the winning side. i think hagel, given his inconsistencies came away unscarred. i think it's also interesting, most folks may not know this, the suggestion made yesterday by
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dianne feinstein of having another court look at this stuff, well, she made that suggestion that at the very moment a particular federal judge, who i happen to know is sitting in the federal building not too far away, is sitting on the court of 11 judges, they make decisions on warrants and possibly alleged domestic terrorists, a rotating panel of 11 judges. it's done very secretly. can't talk about what you've been doing. there's no reason that we can't do that with this sort of stuff. >> forgive me for misidentifying you. you're one of our contributors as well. it's a friday and a bliss ard is coming. i've got a lot on my mind. >> get the shovels out. >> that's right. let's talk about the questioning that we got yesterday and the tone of t it. i want to start with what senator burr said when he got to question john brennan. >> i'm going to be brief because i notice you're on your fourth
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glass of water and i don't want to be accused of waterboarding you. >> kind of a cringe-worthy joke there. maybe republicans aren't as serious as they would perceive them to be about what the administration's and john brennan's policies will be about torture, about drones, about the obama administration and president obama being seen as a war hawk? >> i think senator burr was trying to say something like and get things going. republicans in some cases wasted time. instead of asking the tough questions on answers that we need to know, there was grandstanding. i know rand paul by way of example could have asked hillary clinton very tough questions about benghazi and used it for an infommercial. chuck hagel has very controversial reasons why he shouldn't be secretary of defense but yet we do too much
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grandstanding. i think we've wasted some time on the republican side. >> there have been really intense hearings, that's for sure. karen finney, jim warren, and brabender, thank you. the president is getting ready to make his state of the union address, okay? we want to find out from you what you think the state of our union is. so we're giving you this homework assignment. we'd like to you finish this sentence. so here's mine. our state of the union is proud and ready for what is next. what's your answer? submit it to us. find us on or share it at sotuis and we'll share your responses on the air. we look forward to that. we'll have complete coverage all day on tuesday. so the first impact of a potentially record-breaking blizzard that will affect nearly the entire eastern seaboard, keep it with us. we'll watch this approaching
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blockbuster. this nor'easter is coming up. plus this -- dorner is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. >> the massive manhunt for an ex cop is stretching beyond california's border. what he says it will take for the rampage to stop. and close call, just how near a giant asteroid could come to earth next week. not making this up. we're back with more. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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let's take you now to leesburg, virginia. the former president, bill clinton, is there giving an address to the keynote.
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sg >> i want to congratulate nancy pelosi for her tirele effort and jim clyburn who also play golf with me and didn't throw the game and beat my brains out. thank you, joe kelly, my fellow new yorker. i thank debbie wasserman schultz. i understand she had to leave but i was always reassured to see her on television when i was worried about the outcome and i want to thank steve israel who i think -- it's been for years and years, one of the most thoughtful people in the house and who proved, once again, without setting out to prove it, that if you really want to be successful in the long run in this business, you have to be good at politics and good at policy. you have to think about what we're going to do and how it's
8:23 am
going to affect people. i had the honor of campaigning for a lot of you in the last election and i am very excited about the new members. not only -- not only -- not only because if i were a member of this caucus i would be in the minority, which i think is a good thing, but because of the diversity extends far beyond the categories visible to the eye or that you can put in an adjective. there's so much difference here in terms of life experience and knowledge and understanding various aspects of our extremely complex society, that i think you have a real chance to do
8:24 am
phenomenonly and creative things. a few years ago a writer wrote an interesting book called "the wisdom of crowds" and since then, by the way, there have been at least three or four major international surveys about how the brain works and how thinking works and basically the argument of the book is, if you took a room and you put in this room 20 or 25 people of more or less average intelligence who cared about a set of problems and you put in another room a genius with a 200 iq and kept feeding them questions and problems over time, the crowd would make better decisions than the genius. and it's one of the reasons that we should be is supporting
8:25 am
diversity to build unity, to build harmony, to build a better future, to build a sense of community. it's one of the reasons that i think where our party is and what we're trying to do is so important. so i just wanted to offer a few observations about this because i went through both the last elections. i did 133 events in 2010 and i remember i told hillary somewhere in the process of it, that i -- i said, we're going to take a terrible licking. she said, well, why do you keep agreeing to do more events? i said i don't want this in my conscience. i did this in '94 and i don't want to live through it again without knowing that i got mowed down, that i took a pass. and i think i'd like to talk about what this means for all of you. i've read the president's remarks and very appreciative
8:26 am
about what he said and i know vice president biden and i want you to think about what you're going to do for the next two years and how this is part of a long-term struggle. people sometimes ask me if i was upset when the whole pattern of budgets i tried to establish was repealed after president bush won in 2000 and the congress implemented, went back to trickle down economics. i said a little. but you have to understand about politics. nothing is permanent. it is an ongoing enterprise. one of the oscar-nominated movies, "lincoln" is about one of the most important periods of history not understood. the heroic battle to pass the
8:27 am
13th amendment banning slavery. if you asked most americans about lincoln, they'd say, i know that he was president during the civil war, that he was assassinated and they know about the gettysburg address and that's about it. maybe they know that the second inaugural address was an attempt to heal the country and i think by a fine stretch, the finest inaugural address ever given. but almost nobody knows the story of the 13th amendment. most americans don't even know the emancipation proclamation could only free the slaves? the southern states that had seceded. nobody knows why he decided to try to get it through congress when, if he had waited until after he was innag grated and had a new congress, it would have been much easier to pass. he was mortified by the fact that he couldn't get 75% of the states to ratify the amendment
8:28 am
if, as even he wanted, we got all of the states that had been part of the rebel general back in the union. and he practiced politics. what you are doing is a noble thing. today if he were doing that, there would be live coverage around the clock. we would all know it. but would we understand it? it requires us to maintain a level of direct relationship with the voters that informer times was mediated by the way politicians related to blogs and leaders and newspaper editors and other things. so i'd like to talk about this. i think the last election was an election where the american people chose an inclusive rather than a divided future. they also were pretty savvy.
8:29 am
they decided that they believed in arithmetic after all and they didn't like it when somebody said we're going to do this and we're going to give you all of these tax cuts and then when asked about what did it mean and how would you pay for it? they said, see me about that after the election. >> we've been listening to plt bill clinton as he gives the annual keynote address at the caucus taking place in leesburg, virginia, playing up the fact that this is one of the most diverse democratic it houses. earlier today they had stephen colbert having an interview with nancy pelosi. so good guest list that they've had there at the caucus event in leesburg, virginia. the other big story that we've been following is from the west coast. it's getting more incredible by the moem. the big bear ski resort outside of l.a. is now the epicenter for the search for this former sharpshooter wanted for multiple homicides. 33-year-old christopher dorner
8:30 am
murdered three people, including a cop and the daughter of a former police captain. and then in a disturbing manifesto published on facebook, he calls members of law enforcement high-value targets and addresses random thoughts to people like hillary clinton and wayne lapierre. with me now, we have miguel almageur. i want to start with you, miguel. where are we? >> christopher dorner's vehicle was found in big bear, three hours outside of los angeles. that is where a lot of police activity is going on. certainly not the only police activity but officers are focused in that snowy mountain region three hours outside of los angeles. officers on the scene said they found footprints near christopher dorner's burned out
8:31 am
vehicle but it lead know where they are not even sure if he is in that area. they believe he may be in a different vehicle. so officers and certainly the community -- many communities all across this region remain on edge as there has been no sign of dorner for some 24 hours, thomas. >> what are they telling people in big bear and southern california in general? >> well, it's interesting because the schools up in big bear have been closed for the day but the ski resorts where there are certainly many, many tourists, those remain opened. they have told folks up there to be vigilant. they have told folks all across the state to be vigilant. his picture has been circulated all around. if there's any spotting of him, certainly the authorities are checking that out. not just an officer or two but tactical teams are responding to sighting of dorner. certainly people are on edge. >> this is a former cop who is bent on revenge. he says i will bring asymmetrical warfare to lapd
8:32 am
whether on or offduty. i never had an opportunity to have a family of my own so now i'm terminating yours. eats looking for attention, which he's been getting. what would you say is the psychology of this guy and the fact that he's been able to elude police for so long? >> well, a number of issues. number one, this is someone who has held these negative thoughts since he was a child. he writes about alleged acts of discrimination all the way from being a child as an african-american up to being a police officer. as you know, he was terminated, fired from the lapd for alleged misconduct but still had something going for him, thomas. he was still a lieutenant in the u.s. navy but some time in january or so he became aware, obviously he had been passed over twice for promotional lieutenant commander. he wasn't going to stay in the navy. january 31st he shuts off his cell phone. february 1st, he's no longer in
8:33 am
the navy and then this terrible plot, this idea all comes together in his mind. >> and it seems that if he is bent on revenge and he keeps going, that maybe his work is not done because it seems in this situation that a person like this might take their own life? >> yeah. there are three things he might do. he may wander off into the woods and shoot himself, he could go out in a blaze of glory in a confrontation with police or he might want to go some place and hung hunker down. he played football. he knows what it's like to fake left and go right. trying to fake law enforcement to go one direction where he goes for another, hunkers down, waits and sees if his complaint is going to be answered by lapd before he strikes again. one thing for certain, he killed and he could easily kill again clint van zandt and miguel
8:34 am
almaguer, thank you. a spokesman confirming that an investigation is under way to determine if hackers accessed e-mails between both former presidents. the hacker claims to have gathered addresses and phone numbers and pictures as well. folks, you can put your power beyonce conspiracy to rest. a cable failure is what caused sunday's nearly 30-minute bla blackout. is massive storm is about to hit the northeast. there's a 150-foot asteroid heading towards the earth. i'm not making this up. no need to run for cover because scientists say it's going to be 17,000 miles away when it zips past earth next week. so billions are bracing for what could be a record-breaking snowfall. video now from connecticut where the main airport has canceled all flights.
8:35 am
more on the nor'easter after this break. hey, our salads.
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so it's been a week, that's it, since hillary clinton stepped down as secretary of state and was given this rock star sendoff. [cheers and applause ] >> 2016? >> did you hear that? they were demanding a 2016 run. a new university poll shows that mrs. clinton is the most popular politician out there right now. take a peak for yourself. stacked up against president obama, vice president biden, congressman paul ryan, senator marco rubio and new secretary of state john kerry. she comes out at a 61% approval rating. her husband, bill clinton, who played a big part at getting president obama re-elected is speaking at a keynote conference in leesburg, virginia. joe, it's great to see you.
8:39 am
first off, your reaction to those polls there and seeing hillary clinton at the top 61%. any surprise to you? >> no, i don't think there's a surprise at all. i think she was an admired figure before she went to the state department and it only built upon that. i wouldn't make too much from the differential between her and president obama either. when you're in office and you're fighting every day, and the fights are partisan, you know, then 30, 40% of the country is not going to be admiring of you on any given day. i think there's something, too -- the same thing happened with her husband when he left office. you know, his numbers grat you'dly went up and i think it's a recognition of what she's done over her whole career. >> right now it's a one-way street with this new website called it's asking people there for n
8:40 am
contact information so they can return an e-mail at some point. >> yeah. i think the great part about this is nobody knows what secretary clinton's going to do. but everybody's interested. and in order to maximize her ability to make positive change in the world, whether it's on an issue of women's rights, girls' rights around the world, and whether it's running for president in 2016, you need to stay engaged, you need to keep your troops involved to do that. so i think these sorts of efforts are -- don't signal anything in particular, only that she's going to stay engaged on issues that she's worked on for 30 or 40 years. >> certainly she has detractors on the right. rand paul attacking her for the handling of benghazi, take a listen. >> the person i second guess is not the defense department.
8:41 am
i second guess secretary clinton for not having adequate security, for turning down security for saying, i get a million cables. i didn't have time to read the cables asking for more security. >> this is the biggest reason why she gets unfavorable reasons, an achilles heal there over benghazi. do you think that's going to come back and haunt her if she were to throw her hat in the ring? >> i don't think so. i've been watching for the last half hour or so and the difference between when hillary clinton speaks and you just saw president clinton speak and the intellect and the commitment there and somebody like rand paul and the republicans doing these hearings, i think making -- really hurting the american party by these personal attacks, i don't think it's going to hurt her. i think should she decide to run for president, she's going to start with most republicans not voting for her. i think -- and her support will come from independents and democrats and the success of her
8:42 am
campaign, to see if she can get moderate republicans. but i think as long as you're talking about this in the context of getting elected, keeping a republican from getting elected, hurting the republican party by being popular, she's going to have detractors. what's exciting for her is she can incite impact around the world. it's partisan politics that we're playing here and that's exciting for somebody leaving government. >> and it's exciting that she won't have to set an alarm clock unless she wants to. joe lockhart, thank you very much. remembering trayvon martin and the case that captured the attention of the nation. time tae should fit in a little time cup. new single serve cafe collections from maxwell house now available for use in the keurig k-cup brewer. always good to the last drop.
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our coverage continues of this massive nor'easter bearing down on the northeast.
8:46 am
new jersey activating the emergency operations center. of course, we're going to keep you up to speed. the latest active results of our storm tracking throughout the day on msnbc. on to a case now that has sparked so much outrage. nearly a year ago on tuesday a judge denied george zimmerman's request to delay his trial in the shooting death of trayvon martin. a bittersweet day for his family. he would have turned 18. supporters stood outside the courthouse and sang happy birthday. tomorrow, reverend al sharpton will join trayvon's parents for a peace walk in miami. with me now from florida is sabrina fulton and benjamin crump, the lawyer. we know that wednesday was your son's 18 tht hth birthday, the day that everyone had to be back in court for this. we know there is a peace walk that you and your husband have
8:47 am
planned. explain what the peace walk is for. >> good morning. first of all, the peace walk is in remembrance of trayvon and simply says you have a right to walk in peace without anyone chasing you, without anyone causing any harm to you. >> what does this do in the work be that you have efforted in response to the established your ground laws in florida and how is that going? >> do you want to speak on that? >> certainly. the peace walk is really telling young people to choose education over guns, not to solve your problems with gun violence but with diplomacy and that's so important and with all of this gun violence happening around america, the stand your ground law, mr. roberts, is a law that in trayvon's situation makes no sense. how can you be the aggressor, how can you initiate the
8:48 am
confrontation and then say, after i shoot a kid in the heart, i was just standing my ground? so this trayvon martin amendment to the stand your ground law, simply, you can't be aggressor and start the confrontation and then claim that you stood your ground. >> mr. crump, i want to talk to you about what took place in court this week. zimmerman and his side were trying to push more time before going to trial. explain what happened in court and then who was witness number eight? >> certainly. on february 5th, which would have been trayvon martin's 18th birthday, we had a scheduled court hearing to talk about different issues in the trial and that courtroom on that day, the spirit of trayvon martin was definitely in the courtroom. the representatives for his killer had motioned to continue the trial. the court ruled that they would
8:49 am
not delay the trial and that it will go on on june 10th and that's all sybrina and tracy martin have asked for, is to have their day in court. another issue that came up was about witness eight who was the young lady who was on the telephone at the moments before trayvon was killed and that seems to be a lot of issues surrounding her deposition and what she heard and so that's going to be an issue that is going to take a similar stage in this trial but it won't be more important than george zimmerman's statements, his inconsistent statements. that is going to be the key to this trial, what he said, why he got out of that car, what was said on that 911 tape. we have to on february 26th, that's the only thing relevant here. all of this other stuff is just
8:50 am
smoke in mirrors and we've got to keep people focused on february 26th, trayvon martin was walking home from a 7-eleven, had every right to do so, as his mother said, without being pursued or chased. >> sybrina, the story of your family and what happened to your son brought gun violence to a new national gun conversation in our country. it continues and there's still more cases to talk about. there is a case of a young girl in chicago who was killed with gun violence and the first lady michelle obama is going to attend the funeral for that 17-year-old hideya pendleton. this was just days after she participated in the president's inauguration that she was gunned down. and just like trayvon's death, it's getting attention for the unique circumstances. but do you fear that the conversation about gun violence is being discounted in certain neighborhoods, urban neighborhoods and simply being called minority on minority crime? >> i don't think so.
8:51 am
because it touches so many lives. i think that that's a good thing that the first lady is focusing on that conversation. people just need some type of help when this happens to a child. you know, it just really supports and helps her and i just feel really bad for her mother who has to go through the funeral and has to go through the loss and the process of just getting along, getting along with life without her daughter. what i think, more importantly, when it comes to gun violence and gun control, i think we need to be more educated. >> >> barely seen anything but the awful weather outside. places are talling here in the big apple this morning. we'll fill you in after this
8:52 am
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. >> there's been a shooting reported on the campus of florida atlantic university. one person has been shot there. don't know the condition of that person, but as you can see, there are investigators on the roof because they believe that the shot may have been fired from that vantage point. the school, though, has not been evacuated and is not on lockdown. i'll repeat, the school has not been evacuated and is not on lockdown. we'll work to get more information on that and bring it to you right here. well, if nnl new jersey governor chris christie thought that getting out front on his weight
8:56 am
issue and laughing about it on late night would silence his critics, well, it didn't work. instead the tough-talking republican who famously downed a donut on letterman has brought on a firestorm of talk. does his weight weigh heavy on his political future? joining us now live is michael simons, the statehouse reporter for the asbury press, and he is the author of chris christie, the inside story of his rise to power. just before the governor's late night appearance, it gives him this all-time high favorability rating. 70% of voters in your state like him. even a majority of democrats. the weight is not holding him back in new jersey. does it make a difference on a national stage? >> aink that becomes one of the first conversations he has to have almost any time he is being introduced to a new audience. you can't, obviously, ignore the fact that he is overweight, and i think that as he gets out on the national stage will he have to talk about it. he doesn't want the discussion to be a disqualifier which is why when a doctor says i'm worried that he wouldn't survive
8:57 am
being in office, you know, that part of the conversation he doesn't want to have because that ends the conversation right there. >> one thing about his appeal, he has the real guy appeal. he got on the national stage at the rnc. he got a lot of press attention after superstorm sandy and working with the president. his reaction to people giving advice about his weight and what he could do, he is kind of a hot head about it, and the temperament might not be there. >> right. not always. i mean, i guess he was on "letterman" on monday and talked about it there. on tuesday he was sort of intro spektive about it, and the comments he made, his office then put it on youtube, and then by wednesday possibly when it got to the third day of talking about this, i think at that point he had sort of had enough. >> certainly it's very personal to have to go through something like that. not public. unfortunately, he is a public figure. the questions come up. michael, it's great to see you. thank you for being patient with me this morning. i appreciate it. >> all right, that's going to wrap things up for me today. i appreciate your time.
8:58 am
we're going to be back on monday at 11:00 a.m. eastern, but don't go anywhere. "now with alex wagner" is coming up next. alex, still apocalypse to cover or something else? >> all snow-pocalypse for the next hour. we have a lot on our plate today, including targeted extra judicial killings and secret military tribunals. which all may sound like a littany of bush counterterrorism poechlz, but it's also part of the obama administration's national security dossier. did the president's cia chief nominee quell concerns on the hill? we will ask our panel. plus, will lawmakers made headway on gun reform in the house? we will discuss the democrats' win-win scenario. also, is the gop's tent collapsing or just undergoing an incredibly messy renovation? we will talk paciderm problems and get up now for a little sequester semester with chris hayes. all that when "now" starts in a mere 180 seconds. room and make it shine?
8:59 am
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